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Stainless steel is an ideal all-purpose choice for Balustrades and Handrails and Absolute Metal Fabrications is the ideal choice when it comes to purpose designed and built Balustrades and Handrails..


Architectural stairs & Spine Stairs

Architectural stairs & Spine Stairs

Stairs can really add style and value to a property and remain totally functional. The team at Absolute Metal Fabrications are all about functional and unique design.




If you’re looking for a stylishly designed and safe pool fence for your new pool or you need to upgrade or replace your old pool fence, Absolute Metal Fabrications are the place to go for top quality Metal Pool Fences


Custom Metal Fabrication in Adelaide

An Impressive Reputation

Absolute Metal Fabrications Co-founders, Darryl Brown and Nathan Beck have been in the Metal Fabrication Business for well over 36 years collectively. Over their years working together they’ve managed to build an impressive reputation amongst the elite of Adelaide’s architects, engineers and builders.

Highest Quality Custom Made

They’ve created their own niche working with the highest quality materials, such as high grade stainless steel and aluminium. Producing amongst their work, some of the finest one-off custom made, architecturally designed pieces seen anywhere.

Made Specifically for You

Always eager to accept a challenge, there is no job too large, small or out of the ordinary they can’t achieve, and do it with true professional integrity. They are a small and intimate business with a big vision and never work with mass produced, large runs of products. When you order from Absolute Metal Fabrications you get something made specifically for you and that’s the key to Darryl and Nathan’s success.

Broad Range of Services

More than capable of producing out of the ordinary they can also create stylish but simple pieces that have an everyday practicality but also look unique. They can fulfill a range of services for the home, office or business including:

  • All types of stairs both indoor and outdoor
  • Balustrades and handrails
  • Security doors and gates
  • Pool fencing
  • Signage for advertising, shops, businesses and government organisations
  • Specialist furniture and water features
  • Specialist architectural work
  • Stainless steel balustrade
  • Stainless steel fabrication
  • Stainless steel stair railing
  • Stainless steel handrail

Whatever you might need, Absolute Metal Fabrication can provide it with their unique style and creative dedication.

Passionate About Difference

Absolute Metal Fabrications is a business that’s passionate about making a difference. They love doing things others won’t, don’t or can’t. It’s all about the challenge to provide their customers with something personal that will stand the test of time both physically and stylistically.

Creative Spark and an Eye for Design

Central to the reputation they’ve built is that they do things differently to other metal fabricators. The creative spark, eye for design and engineering prowess of Darryl and Nathan, truly sets them above the rest and gives you the customer the chance to be a part of the journey.


If you’re looking for that something a little special or way out of the box when it comes to metal fabrication work, you won’t go past Absolute Metal Fabrications. With a passion for beautiful and functional design and their dedication to the highest standards of workmanship, they will strive to exceed your expectations and they will strive to succeed.