Wire Balustrade

Stainless Steel Wire Balustrade for Adelaide

Among the many structures available, Balustrades have been known to provide a unique design to a home or building. A baluster is also commonly referred to as a spindle or stair stick and comes in a variety of forms including timber, stainless, glass, steel and the more recent the wired balustrade. The balustrade provides a unique look to a structure, and when used properly it can significantly improve the look of an area. Wired Balustrades have many benefits that are commonly overlooked including the following.


Most balustrades typically affect the way the air flows in a building, however a wire balustrade minimizes the space it takes and allows air to follow better and at the same making it a much safer system.

Modern style

The wire balustrade was one of the newer additions to the balustrade architecture, and due to its modern design it has gained popularity and has become that much more common. If placed in the right type of environment, it can bring out certain structures or even become the highlight of the place.


Regardless of how well designed a balustrade is, if it isn’t safe most will not consider using it. Although more fragile looking, wire balustrades provide the same level of safety due to their firm and well put together design.


Balustrade systems have been known for their versatility and how well they blend with other environments. Their versatility allows designers to implement the design in almost any home, even in the case where it may not fit in, designers are able to make modifications to better fit in.

Little maintenance required

Depending on the type of balustrade used, it may be harder to maintain them due to various reasons. Wired balustrade requires very little maintenance since they don’t use very much space. When comparing to glass balustrades, they require polishing and cleaning which can be a hassle.

Fortunately, a majority of metal fabrication companies will provide such a service that provides quality and well put together wire balustrades. You can expect to have a wire balustrade installed in just a few days, but in some rare cases it can take longer. Most companies take pride in their designs and will want to complete the job in the best manner possible, and at the same time they will keep you updated to ensure you understand the progress and just how perfectly things are done.