Get Your Steel Stairs

Feb 16, 2015

There are a lot of reasons why you may think of purchasing steel stairs.  For one they add a nice value as well as style to your property, but they also are completely functional.  With the team at Absolute Metal Fabrications our stairs are all about producing a unique design and maintaining functionality.

We can provide you with your own set of custom steel stairs.  Our team always takes price in the timeless and stylish work they have done in the past for both interior stairs as well as those on the exterior of past customers.  We always make sure that only the finest materials are used, that means that your steel stairs are going to be long-lasting and durable.  Combing materials of the highest quality aluminum, and steel, that we've added with stone, timber and glass to produce some of the most unique looking stairs you can find around Australia. 

Though most of the time if you've seen steel stairs they will be used in a more commercial or even industrial type of environment.  At Absolute Metal Fabrications we create custom designs that will easily work in a home or even business setting, by using the various materials to produce a uniquely beautiful stair case.

By bringing a unique look by using the materials that we do, we can produce something that is timeless for our customers.  Or perhaps you are looking for more space and still needs a set of stairs.  Have you ever thought of spine stairs?  They give you the versatility that you may need and don't take up a lot of room either. We can custom design these as well for our clients.  Giving them the perfect choice of style as well as functionality and not taking up a lot of room in the area they need to place their stairs.

Our team is all highly experienced and qualified.  They always make sure that all work matches the OH & S council and building regulations.  Any work site we are on will remain safe and will be kept as clean as possible.  We strive to make sure our customers are pleased with all custom steel stairs, stairs, or spine stairs that we put in for them.  Be sure to give us a call, or even go online where you can find some of our past creations.  If you have an idea of something you want done, call us, and our design team can work with you to get your own set of steel stairs created today.